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If you’ve ever helped someone stand up for themselves, then you may well have been an advocate whether you realised it or not. By advocating formally or informally you can empower people in their everyday lives.

Advocacy involves representing and working with a person or group of people who may need support and encouragement to exercise their rights, in order to ensure that their rights are upheld. This may involve speaking, acting or writing on behalf of another person or group.
Advocacy has no prescribed or clearly determined method. It can right wrongs, change the balance of power, address injustice and alter attitudes and values.

Kevin can provide one on one training for those interested in being advocates. This may be particularly useful for those in a caring role or profession.





Case Studies

Worplace Advocacy
 Emma has applied for a salary increase. Part of the process for granting the increase is for Emma to meet with a small committee. To give herself the best chance possible she contacted an experienced advocate who provided her with some coaching on how she might go about presenting her case.
Care Advocacy
 John was 90 years of age, and his wife had dementia. She was living in residential care due to her aggressive behaviour. John lived approximately 20 kilometres from his wife and was struggling to continue his daily visits. John wanted her to move to a home closer to him. However, he did not fully understand the financial implications of the possible move. An experienced advocate, was able to support John with the financial arrangements and making sure that his voice was heard in the discussions about his wife’s care.