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PO Box 6061, O'Connor, ACT 2602 Australia+61 414543735mediation@kevinlonsdale.com.au

Expertise – Kevin Lonsdale

Kevin Lonsdale MediationKevin has over 20 years experience as a mediator, conciliator and negotiator. Kevin is known for his discretion, tact, honesty and a common sense approach to the resolution of problems, all of this with a good sense of humour.

Kevin has a passion for people. He is a genuinely caring and inclusive person. His own family life has given him a deep appreciation for those with a disability.

His practice focuses on mediation and dispute resolution in the workplace, building industry, families and for the specific needs of seniors. He is particularly excited about the prospects of proactive mediation for seniors and has an ongoing interest in the possibility of mediation for the disabled.


Kevin Lonsdale is registered to practice mediation, pursuant to section 6 of the Mediation Act (1997) ACT, is nationally accredited mediator under the National Mediation Accreditation System, and accredited mediator, with The Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators, Australia.

As a practicing mediator Kevin is bound by the ACT Mediation Act and the approval and practice standards of the National Mediation Accreditation System. He is qualified to support the parties to manage, settle or resolve disputes, or to form a future plan of action through mediation.

Kevin Lonsdale Mediation

Experience in alternate dispute resolution

As a mediator, Kevin has facilitated the resolution of conflict in a University environment, on construction sites and in families. His largest mediation involved over 20 people.

Kevin has continued training in the practice of mediation since his first introduction to mediation in 1983, most recently in the study of law and further training in mediation with the Conflict Resolution Service. He continues to develop his understanding of mediation through seminars and as a role player for those participants in mediation training courses.

As a negotiator, Kevin has acted on behalf of engineers, technical, maintenance and printing staff, over workplace conditions including salaries and job classification structures.

Work Experience

Kevin has over 30 years experience in dealing with people, from the shop floor, to University governing bodies, not-for-profit community-based organisations and business people.

Kevin started his working career as a trade’s person. He then progressed to a technical post, predominately undertaking design projects for scientific instruments in physics research. He has also been an operations manager for a large research facility, managing around 35 staff, responsible for the day to day building construction and renovations of buildings, as well as the occupational health and safety of the facility.

Kevin Lonsdale Mediation

Education and Training

Kevin’s education and training is diverse and broad ranging.

He has a:-

  • Bachelor of Technology (Engineering) from the University of Southern Queensland,
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management from Macquarie University,
  • Diploma in Law from The Legal Profession Admission Board (The board’s diploma is the equivalent of an accredited law degree and satisfies the academic requirements for admission to the profession. This course is the oldest law course in Australia and one of the oldest in the world).
  • Associate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from The Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education; and;
  • trade qualification as a Toolmaker.


Kevin Lonsdale Mediation


In 1996, Kevin was awarded a Council Medal for General Staff Excellence by the Australian National University for significant innovation in the area of laser operations and conciliation work across the University.

In 2005 Kevin was awarded a University Medal for Outstanding Service to the Campus Community. In part the citation states;-

“that his genuine will to help others, solutions-oriented approach to tasks and tireless devotion to duty has endeared him to the University community”.