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PO Box 6061, O'Connor, ACT 2602 Australia+61 414543735mediation@kevinlonsdale.com.au

Construction Mediation

In the building industry, resolution to conflicts must be found quickly to ensure that the construction is completed on time and budget. Kevin has a track record of effective conflict management on building sites. He understands the nature of the work and the importance of a speedy resolution.

The conflict could be about anything from site conditions, features of the building to the final payment for the completed works.Construction Mediation
Of course these issues can be resolved through one of the legislative or court processes. These can end up costing a lot of money and time. Disputes that are not handled well have the potential to damage working relationships or result in no further work from the company that the dispute has arisen with.

From Kevin’s experience on building sites he’s found that many issues can be resolved more easily when a third party arrives on the scene. In effect they act like a mediator although that word would not be uttered!

The architect, the project manager, the contractor or the subcontractor, all can individually have their say and suggest solutions to the problem and then come to their own conclusions. It is as if the neutral third party acts like a circuit breaker, and provides an opportunity for all the parties to be heard and importantly they believe that they have been heard. They can explain what has got them to this point on the construction, perhaps it is because of other alterations that were needed to the project. They do not normally need private sessions.

They know their best alternative to a negotiated settlement is to resolve the issue there and then, and get on with the job. Also they know their worst alternative to a negotiated settlement is to end up in court arguing the case that will cost them time and money. What’s more the decision making is no longer in their hands.

As a mediator Kevin is analytical, quietly spoken and respectful of all the people involved in the construction as everyone has a contribution to the end product.